Air Raid Sirens and Rockets at Tel Aviv

Dear fellow Chutzpanim,

Yesterday we heard air raid sirens in Tel Aviv. Since it was my first time hearing the sirens ever I, didn't know to do. I threw on my shoes in a panic, asking my friend where to go. He said he didn't know and we went out into the hallway of the building.

In the hall, our neighbors were all collected, chatting in Hebrew, with their cell phones out. I looked for my phone too, frantically trying to check the internet. From reports of network coverage being down in greater Tel Aviv, so did everyone else in the city.

As the initial feelings of panic passed (my hand at first was shaking), the mood relaxed to a cordial, social mood. The chain-smoking, elderly neighbor woman, who never seems to leave her bathrobe, invited us over for coffee, although we denied saying we had to get to work. Nothing like a war musters the feeling of unity!

The image everyone passes around, relating probability of strikes vs. distance from Gaza is true:


If you notice Tel Aviv, it's safely out of any danger zone, and although we've heard sirens,  have very low precision and accuracy. The ones with the farthest range are supplied by Iran through the Egyptian tunnels. The darkest red area is in Gaza, and the people there live in the greatest danger.

Today there was another siren, after the visit of the Egyptian PM to Gaza. It was nice to see the neighbors again.

In the aftermath of the destruction, we did our part for the Israeli cause by playing the internet game Raid Gaza. General Towarzysz Bin Goyim secured an 800 to 1 kill ratio.

Stay safe and maintain thine chutzpah,

P.S. Don't worry, we are safe in Tel Aviv:

*Thanks to newsettler on Reddit for a correction.